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about me

Meet zibya

My Mission is to bring you the BEST of Global Halal, Vegan and Natural Cosmetics with the right beauty tools and techniques that are good for your skin and make you look younger for life. 


My Values are simple. I give you Honesty, Integrity and Excellent Customer Service.


I am very passionate about helping people and are looking forward to experience this amazing new journey with my customers 🙂

I was born and raised in the tropical island of Mauritius. I came from a family of five children. After I finished my high school, I came to Australia as an international student in 2003 and lived in the world's most liveable city of Melbourne for many years and moved to Sydney in 2013.  I have a Diploma and a Bachelor Degree of Banking and Finance and have worked in the banking sector for more than 12 years. But I have always been passionate about beauty and have decided to follow my passion. I met my husband Ameer at university and together we are blessed with three beautiful children. 

Zibbi Banon comes from my name Zibya Banon. When I grew up I was called by Zibbi by my family, close relatives and friends and liked it very much, it made me feel a little bit special, but it was my husband’s idea to make my name Zibbi Banon a brand for a very long time, since the time we got married in 2007 as he likes the sound of my name very much, It is not a common name, it was chosen by my parents, till now I couldn’t figure out how they came across my name Zibya as I have never heard of my name before, but we never action it until 2020 when the banking dept I was working closed down. 


My favourite quote "If there is a will, there is a way"

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