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Zibbi Banon has completed extensive research and has taken great care to source out from thousands of new and established brands around the world to bring you the best global quality brands of halal, vegan and natural cosmetics with the right beauty tools and techniques that are good for your skin and make you look younger for life.  Zibbi Banon gives you access to these exclusive brands right at your doorstep in Australia with a click of your fingertip. Zibbi Banon is an Australian owned business.

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ancient secrets indulgencETM

Ancient Secrets Indulgence is an Australian brand with a line of beauty products and tools that indulge in ancient secrets that are close to nature to help you to look younger for life. Products include Face Kansa Wand and Face Oil.



Tuesday In Love is a Canadian company specialising in its unique Halal Certified Water Permeable Nail Polish and Halal Certified Cosmetics. With its revolutionary micro-pore technology, their halal nail polish allows water molecules to penetrate through the semi permeable colour membrane. Their Non Peelable formula is a 5-Free nail polish that does not contain any harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), camphorare or alcohol and is never tested on animals. 


Tuesday In Love's line of paraben free cosmetics are Made in Canada and are Halal Certified by ISNA Canada. They are cruelty free and child labour free and made with the highest quality standards. 


Tuesday In Love's Halal Certification guarantees that the products are permissible for ingredients and functionality for the purposes of performing wudhu. 


Tuesday In Love is the Only Halal Nail Polish Certified by the Scholars and Staff at ISNA Canada.




The company was started in 1988 by Dr Mona Erian, A pharmacist by profession, Mona created her first natural body care product out of necessity. "It all began five years ago when my daughter used a shampoo which literally burned her scalp. I searched for a natural shampoo but could not find a single one. Since I am a pharmacist, I decided to make one myself using natural ingredients. I made a pure olive oil soap and was surprised by the result. I luckily got it right the first time.”

With a vision to increase the awareness of people regarding the harmful danger of chemicals in our lives and the benefits of chemical-free products, Dr. Erian’s passion for all things natural prompted her to start a cottage industry producing a small line of soaps, this line slowly expanded to include a multitude of natural products.


The range of products is known as “Nefertari” – the most beautiful of them all.  This line ranges from soaps, bath and body care products to a line of clothing known as the “Nefertari off white line”.


The idea behind Nefertari Products is to sincerely produce a healthy 100% natural, chemical-free, Egyptian accentuated body care product using natural Egyptian raw materials and natural untreated packaging to preserve the environment whilst contributing to the development of the marginalized communities in Egypt by enhancing their level of living and offering them jobs and sustainable incomes.

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